Friday, June 1, 2012

And Yes, I Changed A Law!!!

Remember when I posted about the SC Cottage Food Law that I've been working on?  Well, Sheryl, Carol and I have done it!  Yesterday the law passed it's final vote in the House and is headed to the Governors desk for her signature!!! Can you believe it?  I helped start a statewide movement that changed a law that will better people's lives!

Honestly, I'm amazed that it only took one session to get this thing passed.  We had to do a little give and take on some of the provisions, but overall it's a solid bill that will all South Carolinian's to sell homemade baked wares to whomever we want!  We can advertise and not worry about a bakery turning us in.  I'm so blessed that the Lord has given us victory in this!  It all started because I wanted to sell some cakes and advertise a bit and now I get to do just that!

I've started work on a blog to help walk folks through the in's and out's of the new law as I find out what the new definitions will be and how they will effect us all.  It's exciting times in our little abode!

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