Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl

That's right.  This weekend my dad came down and I planned on being good. I really did. But I ate all kinds of things that I should be stopping!  I had cake and Bojangles, and McDonald's. Traveling does that to me.  I don't eat as well as I should and totally screw up my plans. But we came home Monday and I resolved to do better! On Tuesday I went to the gym and only had carbs for breakfast and lunch.  Those were limited to whole grains.  For dinner, I replaced the carb-laden foods that I fed the family for a salad.  Then I didn't do so well yesterday!  During the day I did good, but hormones left me with an intense craving for chocolate which I did give in to!  I need to make my chocolate energy bites for those times. Yummy chocolate with healthy stuff mixed in.

All in all, this morning I woke up still at 178.  I'm going back to the gym today.  My goal is to work up to going 4-5 times a week.  I'm also going to purchase a couple of Jillian Michael's DVDs for the days when I can't go to the gym.  My last one broke!  In addition to that, the outdoor pool at the YMCA is open for business!!!  That will help me burn a lot of calories. I figure I will have these set backs on my eating habits but the goal is to look forward and keep pushing myself to alter my thinking on what I eat.  That and lots of prayer!

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