Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival at Grammy and Grampsy's Church

 I made Brenna her own little princess dress for Halloween.  She did not want to take it off!
 Sarah is Christian punk rock singer, Ashton is a dragon and Brenna a princess fairy.  In fact, Ashton cracked us up as we were going to the church.  Have you ever seen Super Why?  It's  kids show and one of the characters is a princess fairy that uses her wand to spell words.  Brenna dropped her wand and Ashton rushed it to her and said, "Brenna, you need your wand so you can spell princess!" 
 I can't get enough of these guys!
There was a little face painting...
 And Grampsy holding Ian (who was a conductor).
 Ashton almost stumped the face painter!  He wanted to look like a dragon.
 Brenna thinks makeup is a necessity, not a nice to have.
 Scary dragon...
 And a butterfly princess.  (I would have a picture of Sarah, but she had disappeared.)
 This is my favorite picture of he night. 
I would have had a nice one of Ashton, but his face was stuck to the cotton candy.

Thanks for inviting us Grammy and Grampsy!  We had a great time!

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