Monday, November 14, 2011

Bring on the Food!

I wasn't fully ready to bring on the food with Mr. Ian.  However, I  had (and still have) a strong desire to sleep through the night.  I started him on oatmeal and he loved it.  But after 20 minutes, he would scream and pull his legs up like he was in pain.  After that, we tried rice and the little man quickly rejected the flavorless white mash.  With all that going on, I decided it was time to break out the stash of baby food that I got on sale four months ago.  I was able to buy 70ish jars of stage 2 baby food for around $10.  With Brenna, I made my own.  But this price was too good for a frugal mom to pass up.

Now before you freak out about skipping stage one, I will tell you that I believe stage 1 baby food is a waste of money.  It's only watered down stage 2 food.  Plus, feeding babies watered down food is just asking for a huge mess.  I know some new moms whose hearts would palpitate over that statement, but it's true none the less!  I've even had to start mixing in some baby oatmeal to thicken up some of the runnier stage 2 fruits for Ian. If I skip that, he spits out more than he swallows.

After the first week, I found that we could get some of the cereal in Ian without ill effects if it was mixed with other baby food.  Unfortunately, he's showing signs of being like Brenna - the iron content of the cereal binds him up (if you know what I mean).  Thankfully prunes take care of that quickly.  After we finish this box of baby oatmeal, I'll start grinding up instant oatmeal for him to avoid this.  A food processor makes quick work of it.

Ian has only been on baby food for two weeks.  He's loved everything except rice cereal and turkey tetrazinni.  The faces he made with those two were priceless!  I even made a chicken, gravy and mashed potato casserole last night and he scarfed down a good amount of it!  I know, I'm breaking another "traditional" rule in feeding him so many different kinds of food early on.  But some rules were meant to be broken!  Look at that face in the picture and see if he doesn't agree!

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