Monday, August 22, 2011

Brenna's Birthday Pictures

I love the fact that Brenna's birthday is in the summer and we were able to share it with her cousin Emma.  And I loved it even more that Emma's grandfather let us use his pool! How fun!
 No more pictures!
 Cousin Will heading down the slide.
 Mr. Fearless going down as well.
 Deep conversations...
This is as close to a smile as she would give!

 Go Ashton!
 He is addicted to the slide!
 Go Will!
 Can you believe she's almost as tall as I am?
 Brenna and I are hanging out in the deep end.
 Seth is ready for a splash!

 Baby boy loves to party!
 Cousins who play together tend to eat together!
 This is why I put so much effort into the cakes.  While I love the challenge and the chance to be creative, I love watching the kids get an extra special surprise for their birthday!
 Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Michael and cousins got her some nice toys and this outfit.  She willingly gave me the toys, but refused to let me put away the outfit!
She loved her monkey girl doll from her Sissy.
Brenna is in love with her stroller!
Ian snuggle in his Grammy's arms.
 Help Daddy!
 Brenna needed a little help getting her candles out!
She moved so fast that I could barely get a picture of her blowing out the candles!
 Aunt Jennifer (Daniel's sister) and Emma
  Miss Emma!

 Brenna is all about her new stroller, doll and birthday cake!
 Cake time! 
 Uncle Daniel has Will!
 Emma has her second wind thanks to a sugar high.
And I'll end here with my handsome husband and son!

I know it's hard to believe, but I have more pictures and will post them to Facebook later!

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