Friday, May 20, 2011

19 Days... But Who's Counting?

I think this picture is very appropriate.  This little guy is the size of a watermelon!  His head is fully engaged in my pelvis and is constantly squishing my abused bladder.  The only thing missing from it is little green legs and arms that are using my kidneys, lungs and ribs as punching bag/jungle gym combo. 

To be honest, I was wishing this little guy would slow down some in his movements.  On Sunday I got just that.  We had an exhausting day and the little guy stopped moving as much. While it was nice to get some sleep, I started to get worried that something was wrong.  Every few hours, I had to lay down and count his movements to make sure he was still doing his thing.  That's lasted all week.  I certainly prefer the kick boxing kid to the barely moving one. That's the kid I'm used to. Thankfully nothing was wrong.  I believe he just descended a bit and was not sure what was going on.

Last night he made up for all that rest.  Between the braxton hicks and the little guy moving, I didn't get much sleep at all.  To be honest, I'm thankful!  With my other three, so little movement would not have been a huge concern, but this guy is active all the time!  And now that he's back to his old ways, I can rest easier. 

That said, I would love it if he decided to come early!  But then again, I would miss some important stuff with the end of school coming up.  That was part of the reason he's scheduled for a c-section 3 days after my due date.  That and it's the first day my doctor was on call during the delivery window.  However, as of June 1st, those constraints are out of the window and he welcome to show up early.  I don't really care who delivers him!

So how's the family taking the impending birth?  Daniel is a bit stressed out. He's working his tail off trying to pull together all the final meetings for school and deal with his back/leg issues.  On top of that, he's taken over a good deal of the chores that I can no longer bend for or put a lot of effort into.  Sarah has been a great helper as well. When I need to sweep, she goes around and picks up things that I need off the floor.  She also helps to keep the TV babysitter going when I need to lay down for a nap in the evenings.  Ashton is excited that his brother is coming soon.  He regularly comes over and pushes my stomach around or shouts, "Hello baby brother!"  And his little brother responds to his voice!  Brenna is the kid that's going to get the biggest surprise.  We've told her there is a baby in my belly, but she so young and it makes no sense. I think she's going to be partially fascinated by the baby and extremely jealous that this little guy is going to need so much hands on time! 

As for me, I'm tired of being tired!  I can't wait to get my energy back...or what's left of it anyway!   And to be able to sleep on my back or stomach - I dream of that right now!  Last night I dreamed of being in labor early. I hope that's a sign from God! Ha. But if not, I'll be here waddling around for a few more weeks.

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