Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 36 - Grouchy Pregnant Lady Edition

It's hot, I'm swollen and the world keeps moving on.  Most days of this pregnancy have been really good.  But sometimes, mostly when I've not been able to get a lot of sleep, I get very irritable.  I know it's pregnancy related and try and reign it in, but there are days that things just push me to the boiling point.  Yesterday became a prime example of that!  After not getting more than a few hours of restless sleep, I had to get up and get the kiddos ready to go to the in-laws and take Sarah to school.  My sunglasses were missing in action and I got a late start because I wanted to find them.  Sunny days with tired eyes and no prescription sunglasses make for rough driving. 

I managed to get Sarah to school, drop the younger ones off and get to my doctors appointment.  Normally I'm in and out in 30 minutes or less.  I'm a low risk pregnant lady and I've been blessed to not have any issue that take more than a moment to discuss with the doctor.  And those have all been benign!  Sadly, my normal doctor was out for the week and I was assigned a different one.  This has happened before and it has not been an issue.  For some reason, yesterday was the exception.  I ended up waiting an hour and ten minutes to see the doctor for two minutes. 

Let's recap why this could be a problem.  First I had to arrange childcare for the appointment.  That means I'm expected back at certain times (even though my in-laws didn't mind, I did).  Second, I had to go to the bathroom.   My appointments consist of peeing in a cup, getting weighed, listening to the baby's heartbeat and having my stomach measured.  Since I'm a scheduled for a cesearean, there are no other exams.  I had to wait over 45 minutes to do the "pee in a cup" portion of events.  My bladder has a child's head on top of it.  It's not a good thing for it to be over full.  Third, I was hungry.  I had not eaten anything since 4 a.m. and I was hurting. My sugar started dropping in the office (which made my mood worse) and I was shaking by the time I left the doctors. I normally stop out to get a snack after my appointment and had nothing with me to overcome that situation.  Last but not least, I think it's rude to keep someone waiting for so long without notifying them that you are going to be running late.  To be honest, because I've done this three other times, I know the warning signs and would LOVE to skip these last few appointments.  Since I have to go, I expect to be in and out in a reasonable time or to have my appointment rescheduled. 

Anyway, I did finally get out.  I ran to Chick-fil-a and grabbed lunch and things started coming back to normal.  Then I picked up the kids and we came home and all took naps.  Thank the Lord for nap time!  I don't know how I would have gotten through the evening without one!

So now you have a good picture of what turns a normally semi-sane pregnant lady into a grouchy monster - make her wait for the bathroom, be late and don't give her a chance to eat.  I know there are more things, but this is a good basic list!

Now for the baby update.  Baby G is doing great. He's growing and squirming around in his cramped quarters! Just last night, I realized that I could grab around his little foot as he pressed it against my stomach. Each time I did, he would pull back and squirm around some more! It's an amazing thing to be able to carry a life inside of you. Baby G has also dropped down some.  The other day his head engaged more than any of the others had.  I started having regular braxton hicks contractions and decided to take it easy for the weekend. While I would love for him to come early, I would prefer that be fully baked!  Regardless, he popped back up a day later and is not giving my spine too much trouble.  Plus the regular contractions have stopped. 

As of next week, in theory, Baby G could be born at any time!  I say "in theory" because not one of my kids has decided to come early.  But a mom can dream!  The only down side would be that the house is not ready for a baby to come home to!  I still have to clean out the car seat, get some new sheets for the cradle, sort out the clothes that I have to determine what we still need to buy and so on.  I could really use some nesting energy right about now!  I know, we'll manage if he does come early. I'll be making a list after I pay some bills today and working towards getting all that stuff taken care of. 

Now it's time to go do some cleaning! Woo hoo!

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