Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kiddie Pools, Bubbles, Family and Friends

We really need a bigger pool!
Brenna is not sure she likes being in the water. 
 Crazy dancing boy!
 I love that grin!
She's thinking up some kind of mischief!
 I couldn't stop myself from buying this!  It fits her prissy personality so well!
 Add a bubble blower to pool time and you have two very excited kids.
 He looks like he's praying on a bubbly day.
Ashton loves that the bubbles stick to him.
 My neighbors daughter asked Brenna to poke her. Then everyone else joined in!
 Big, big bubbles.
 It cracks me up to watch Ashton purse his lips even though Sarah is blowing the bubble!
 Peek a boo!
 Sarah helping her brother blow bubbles.

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