Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick - All 5 of Us!

I hate being sick. I didn't think there were many things that I would like less, but I found out this week that being sick is not the worst thing.  Having all three kids and the hubby sick when I'm sick, well that's worse than being sick and pregnant. 

Did I mention that before?  You know, that I'm pregnant and all that jazz.  Well, when you are pregnant and sick, all the good drugs are no longer viable options. And when you have kids, you can't just crawl in bed and stay there.  Those pesky kids want to share your bed and crawl all over you as well.  They are really into that whole "hold me, I'm sick" thing when all you want to do is hide!  Now before you get your panties in a wad, I'm just kidding about the kids. It's hard comforting little ones when all you want to do is crawl up in a ball, but I'm grateful to be able to do just that for them.  Even when I'm coughing my lungs out and grouchy on top of it!

Daniel got off early Monday because that was my worst day.  It also happened to be the day when Ashton and Brenna peaked in their illness and Sarah finally came down with it.  Then again, that's when Daniel started getting sick as well.  It just kind of snowballed on us!  I did end up going to the doctor.  I started having coughing fits so bad that my chest would seize up and, well it was painful.  My OB would not see me, so Daniel managed to get me in at the office he goes to.  I've not had a family doctor since we moved here and we were a little concerned that I would not be able to see someone. 

I had all the classic flu symptoms and some shortness of breath to add to the fun.  That meant I got to experience my first flu test.  Have you had one of those?  If not, let me tell you,  I'd rather have a shot!  Since I love you so much, I'll give you the details... They take one of those long Q-tips and put it an inch or so up your nose.  Then the nurse, who was as nice as could be, starts swirling it all around your nasal cavity.  And just when you think she's done with one side, she swirls some more!  I had to stop her halfway on the first nostril and then she had to dig in there some more when I could sit still again!  And yes, I said first nostril. Because when that one is good and irritated, she goes into the second and repeats the process.  I'm sure the test feels longer than it actually was due to the fact that it's incredibly uncomfortable! 

In the end, I was negative for the flu and can still say that I've never had it before!  But because of the shortness of breath, she gave me an antibiotic.  Then she called an obstetrician who told her to go ahead and put me on Tamiflu because of the baby.  I'm thankful for both prescriptions.  And while I was waiting, I found Robitussin Cough.  That is what finally brought my terrible cough to a managable level! 

On a funny note, when this started, my loving husband went to pick up some Robitussin cough and brought home expectorant instead.  What is expectorant?  It makes your cough more productive! That means the cough doesn't stop, your body is just encouraged to push more stuff up so you keep going!   I told him it was the wrong stuff and he went back and brought home the exact same medicine again!  I just laughed. And then I coughed!  And then I coughed some more.  I guess that was punishment for laughing!  He felt bad but I told him not to worry!

Anyway, Ashton, Brenna and I are fever free today!  I'm so excited.  Sarah is still at 101, but I have hopes that it will break by the weekend.  We are all still coughing.  I hear that the cough portion will far outlive the infectious period though. 

Now I'm off to continue cleaning!  Laundry is close to being done.  Then I'll be mopping and wiping down all the surfaces I can get my hands on! 

After that it's cake baking time!  Daniel is the villain (Bill Sykes) in the play Oliver at Foothills Playhouse.  You should really go see it this weekend or the next. This weekend is the cast party and I agreed to make a cake for it.  But I have to have most of it completed by Friday.  Sadly that means I can't do a lot of fancy fillings because they would need refrigeration. But flavored butter creams will work nicely.  I can't wait to show you some pictures on here. It will be my most ambitious cake yet!  I'm hoping it will be wonderful! Daniel has worked so hard and this is one way I can celebrate his accomplishment.

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