Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 24

Baby G is growing stronger every day.  According to a website, he's the size of an egg plant!  While that seems large, my stomach makes it appear as though I'm carrying a pumpkin! 

A few weeks ago I had a follow up ultrasound to check his brain measurements.  Praise the Lord, they were all in the normal range!  (He was weighing in at 1 pound 3 ounces.) As she was working to get the measurements, Baby G kept twisting and moving.  I told her how he was not very cooperative for the last ultrasound either!  I mentioned we didn't even get the usual profile shot and she moved in on him to snap one.  She moved the wand and there he was, laying in the perfect position for a profile shot.  She moved to snap the picture and just as her finger grazed the button, the little guy moved.  She managed to get a slightly blurry shot!  As she moved the monitor around, she realized that he didn't just move, he flipped over completely! She then went back to confirm that he was a boy and he wasn't having any of that!  I've never seen a kid pull their legs up to their chests in utero as much as this little guy did. But we saw the "goods" as he tried to get away from our prying eyes. 

Baby G is a lot pickier about foods that I eat.  Spicy foods, sausage, too much salt and too much sugar are all out of the question.  And a few days ago, I learned that banana bread receives a worse reaction than all of the others combined!  On the other hand, he loves veggies. I had a pepper tonight and I could have eaten 10 more! 

Ashton is really taken with the new baby.  Yesterday he informed me that his brother was sleeping in my stomach. Not only was he sleeping, but there was crib in their for him to rest in! I know I'm big, but not that big!  As for Baby G, he knows when Ashton is around.  Sarah and Daniel try to get him to move, but they rarely succeed.  If Ashton lays his head on my stomach or starts "squishing" his brother, Baby G starts squirming around.  One day Ashton felt him. He looked up at me with a startled expression and said, "He kicked me!"  It was adorable.

As for me, I'm trying desperately to get back to the gym.  Mornings are tough here because he stops kicking from 5-9 ish.  That break means that I can get into a deep sleep.  And that means I'm not up early enough to prep Brenna and Ashton for the gym.  We tend to do breakfast after I drop Sarah off as school and it makes no sense to head back out then.  But that's part of life I guess!

Hormones... They are increasing as steadily as my waistline!  I'm so much more likely to tear up right now.  We were watching Toy Story 3 tonight and as Andy was handing off his toys to the little girl, I had to fight to keep a sob from slipping out!  Sadly, I'm not joking.  Hormones suck!

Well, I'm on to month 6.  We're starting to get the kids rooms worked out.  I'm on the hunt for some maternity shirts.  I'm down to 3 of my pre-pregnancy shirts and losing ground.  I broke down and bought the pants last month. Baby G has also decided to burrow down into my pelvis.  His brother bruised the top of my pelvic bone and I expect this little guy to follow in his footsteps.  Bending is challenging at the moment and I don't see that getting better. 

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