Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Few Pictures

Sick kids love home made macaroni and cheese!

Look at that concentration! Superman did not want to take off his pj's so we compromised and just put on jeans with the new to us top! He promptly put on the matching pants when he came back in the house.
 I can't get enough pictures of this kid!  It helps that he sits still!
 And this one, she finally slowed down and I love it!
I know, we should clean off the trampoline.  But if we did, I would have missed this shot!
 He got a boo boo and Sissy took care of it!
 And this little rat was giving me stink faces in most of the photos!
But I did manage to get a good one of her!
But this is the one that really made me laugh.  Guess what she likes exploring?

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