Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Been Over a Month

My goodness, life has really picked up in the busy department.  I really hate that things have slid past me on the blog front. I have good reasons to have been away for so long though. 

To begin with, right around the time I got pregnant, I realized that my illness symptoms were totally unrelated to that joyous news.  I had an ulcer and it knocked me down pretty good. It was getting better, but I've been pushing what I'm eating to far and I've suffered a setback. Right now I'm back on the super, not so delicious, bland diet. 

Then my oldest got strep.  She's a trooper and within 24 hours of being on the antibiotics she was doing great.  My little man was not so lucky.  A day later he came down with it and did not respond to the antibiotics as well.  After a second appointment, stronger antibiotics and some toddler hydrocodone, he was able to slowly get better. On the down side, the doctor told us if it happened again, his tonsils were going to come out.  The poor guys throat closes up so quickly when he gets ill, that the doctors are concerned about him.  And since he told me tonight that his throat was hurting again, we'll be doing that very, very soon.

After all that, Thanksgiving came along.  We were very blessed to be able to see most of the family in North Carolina. We were also blessed to be able to spend time with Daniel's grandfather.  He passed away the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  We stayed a few extra days in North Carolina to attend the funeral. Daniel eulogized his grandfather and it brought us all to tears.  He was a special man and will always be missed.

As that time ended, Brenna started teething again.  And that means an ear infection.  She's over that now and the teeth are giving us a break for the moment! But it was a long week getting her well. The poor thing has a tough time getting those teeth in, but once they come through and the ear infection clears, she's great.

On a good note, other than Ashton being under the weather, things are going really well.  We were blessed to have one of our favorite young men come over today for church and lunch. We've missed him a lot in the past months.  And we are headed into Christmas. I can't wait to get started on the desserts for this weekend!  And next month we'll find out if we are having a boy or a girl! 

Well, I'll end this.  I have some posts to add about things that have been happening and a new recipe or two!

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Wilson Family said...

Oh my goodness where have I been?! Congratulations! I am sooooo excited for you all! I pray you will be better & enjoying the blessings of being pregnant!