Thursday, October 28, 2010

Couponing Pays In a New Way

See this kid:? She's my oldest.  I love her dearly, even on the days I want to throttle her!  This morning though, she made me smile.  We were talking about an upcoming math test on the way to school when she told me how coupon clipping was making a difference in her school life. 

Apparently there was a lesson on how to save the most money at the grocery store.  It stumped her teachers.  Sarah told me that because I'm always looking for the best deal, she was able to figure the problem out.  She just had a hard time explaining why it worked to the teachers.  It all had to do with cost per serving and how buying mashed potato flakes were less expensive than buying fresh potatoes.  I'm telling you folk, Momma was proud of her girl! 

So if you are into saving money, I encourage you to talk it through with your kids. Not only will they be able to shop for deals when they get older, but you will impart some usable math knowledge to them as well!

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