Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Stuff

This boy, my boy is a mess.Whenever he cuts teeth (3 are coming in right now), he sticks his tongue out. It makes getting a normal picture tough.
And you see this little girl?  She's really not high.  The ability to make weird faces in inherited.  Just look at my other two!  Anyway, her older brother calls her "Little Brudder." Why?  Well, when I'm with them playing together, I have Brenna say things like, "Hi Big Brother!"  My little man thinks this means that she is a "brudder".
And these are my two girls. My little man is missing his sister.
 Look at that face!  He's miserable.  Just kidding. It's another crazy face shot.
His sister thought it was funny!
And then she tried to pretend she felt bad, but Mom's no sucker!
Ashton decided to run to Dad for cover!  And I got to snap this sweet picture of the two of them.
And since the girls had the pool to themselves, they started to get a little crazy.
Which made their brother laugh.
And this guy decided it was time to get the crazy kids out of the pool.
And then he decided to try his hand at being a hair stylist.  And it made me very grateful that he decided to be a teacher instead of a stylist!


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