Saturday, July 17, 2010


These girls crack me up.  They have some of the same facial expressions and it was incredibly neat to capture them (and some other stuff) on film.
Brenna was a little suspicious of her sister doing her hair.

I think you can understand why!
But in the end, she doesn't mind too much.
Dad said something. I think he was talking about Brenna's hair.
The nerve of that man.
Sarah thought it was funny, but Brenna wasn't too sure...

I adore this picture.  It's like the two of them are caught up in their own little world.
If Brenna were older, I would say they planned on having the same expressions over and over.  But she's not, so it makes it even more special!
And then they fly off into the sunset...  Well, one flies, the other supports the endeavor!

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