Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At The Biltmore House

Last November, Sarah won an essay contest on being thankful. Unfortunately, the gift was for a show that occurred during one of her visits to Virginia. We told her that we would find another show or thing for us to do and still allow her to invite a friend. We were blessed when one of Daniel's co-workers set up a group outing for Easley teachers to the Biltmore house. Normally we would not be able to afford for the family to go, but this time kids were free and Daniel and I were able to get the group rate of $25 per adult.

Sarah chose to take her friend Kiara with us. After a fun afternoon at Kiara's parents, the girls came home with Daniel and I. Sarah and Kiara decided to sleep together on the top bunk. I kept thinking they were talking instead of sleeping but in turned out that one of the girls was snoring! We got up the next morning and packed the kids (including Ashton) into the van and set off for breakfast and the hour long drive. We would have loved to take pictures in the house, but it's not allowed. We did manage to get some great shots of the kids before the camera battery ran out.
Ashton with a whole slice of cornbread in his mouth.

Clean up time!

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Dennis and Danielle said...

wow! what great photos!