Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm in a Rrrrrruttttt

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm in a rut. Ever since the all day/morning sickness hit, I had to be down. There were moments that I felt some life return, only to later be hit by another wave of "ughh". Right after the majority of the all day/morning sickness abated, Ashton was hit with pneumonia. He started with a fever on Saturday morning and by that night he had developed a horribly painful cough. That led to another week of being stuck in the house. Only this time I was starting to get hit with the tired part of pregnancy while nursing a tired, whiney child. (Yes, I know he had a reason to be whiney, but being tired makes it hard.)

Now that you know what life has been like, I'll fill you in on all that didn't happen during that time. I didn't mop. I did sweep some, but mainly because I hate walking on a dirty wood floor. The laundry was washed (for the most part), but is now piled on the washer/dryer or in our bedroom. The dishes never seemed to stay clean. Nothing that I cleaned stayed clean for long.

For example, I finished getting all the dishes cleaned yesterday. Even the things that need to be hand washed. Today there is so many dirty things that I am distraught. What's up with that. That floor in the kitchen was swept up nicely, the dirty laundry placed in a bin. Oh, it was nice. Then this morning a cat came through and knocked over a glass on the floor. It never ends.

So here I am in a rut. I need to go through the house and do a major clean. But, I don't feel like it. It just seems hopeless at the moment. Did I mention that I hate housework on top of it all? If not folks, I hate housework. It seems like nothing is ever enough. It's driving me nuts right now.

Well, it's time to go reclean the entire kitchen...

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