Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ashton in the Spring

I absolutely love the stage where babies start walking and getting very interested in the world around them. Now that Ashton has decided to permanently join the walking class, he's enamored with being outside. Here's what's new in his life...

  • Sunday was our first real excursion to the outdoors. It was stunning outside and I decided to introduce him to trees, sticks and leaves. We walked around the house and through the front yard. The entire time, Ted (my cat who is better than a dog), followed us. Ashton thought it was the coolest thing! We then decided to sit down in the front yard and closely examine leaves and sticks. Being the ever faithful cat that he is, Ted came over to join us. As we were playing, I decided to see if Ted felt playful. To our delight, he was game. I pulled a long stick around and Ted chased after it and would turn upside down to catch it. Ashton cackled. There is no other way to describe it. He was laughing so hard at the cat that he almost fell over. Then he decided to try and get Ted to chase the stick that he was holding. Since it was a small one and Ted has razor sharp claws, I decided that it was time to go in and cook dinner.
  • Monday we went out again. I love this time of year when Spring is just starting to edge out winter. It made me feel productive and I decided it was time to get the leaves out of the front yard. Unfortunately, I only had 3 yard bags to work with. While Sarah and I were working, Ashton tried to make a break for the street. Thankfully Sarah was faster and managed to catch him before he made it in the road. Since I was working, I brought out a few toys - a train, a ball and one of Sarah's fake snakes. Ashton loved the snake.
  • Yesterday we made it out again. Actually, Ashton stood at the porch door pouting until I took him out! The weather was perfect for a walk and we looped the house twice. On the second loop, Ashton found his sisters fake snake and carried it the entire way. The snake is almost as long as he is tall! While we walked, he waved the snake above and laughed like a fool. I told Daniel that he was going to be a snake charmer in one of the fringe baptist movements when he got older. I'm still trying to get a picture of him when he does it! The entire walk, Ted followed us again. Each time Ashton would lose site of him, he would stop and yell out "Ted, Ted", and then laugh when Ted caught up. By the way, Ashton is convinced that anything with fur is a "Ted"!
I know that most people absolutely adore the infant stage, but me, I love this stage. Where the kids start finding out more about their world and experiencing things that you and I take for granted, for the first time. I love it when Ted chases a branch in the grass, but seeing it through Ashton's eyes, it's a wonderful thing. When I tell Ashton about the trees and he watches me and then points; well, it's amazing to see him grasp all the wonderful things that God has given us. It reminds me once again of just how generous God is and how blessed I am to be able to share all that with the children he has given me.

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Sarah said...

it was funny when he called Ted Ted