Saturday, September 13, 2008

Toddler Toys For All Ages

Sarah had a few friends over today and they ended up playing with Ashton's new toys...

Sarah and Ashton with the Barn Toy.

Sarah, Celia and Ashton
Hey Mom, these girls think I'm cool!
Look at the pretty lights!

Just relaxing!

Sarah, Emily and Ashton checking out the toys.

Celia trying to hide the fact that she wants one of these!

Sarah with the ever-present smile is in the front.
Celia is trying to hide the fact that she's been playing
inside the tent while the baby sleeps.
And, Emily is just having a good time with her friends!

Caught Celia in the tent!

I have more videos and pictures, but I'm too tired to stay up tonight and post them. I'll add more later this week.

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