Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Seat Conversations

Tonight was church night. Daniel went to church early in order to work with the Youth Praise Band. Sarah normally tags along but tonight was different. She invited our neighbor's daughter Celia to go to Awana with her.

Awana has theme nights. Tonight just happened to be Affliction Night. Yeah, when Sarah first started going to Awana, Daniel and I had no idea what it meant. Then we found out that she was supposed to go with bandages all over. I still don't get it, but the kids loved it. I gave Celia and Sarah black eyes (honest folks, it was only makeup)! I placed some bandages on Sarah, drew on some stitches and taped up some (fake) broken fingers. After all that, I added on a few more "bruises" for good measure. The girls had a blast.

On the way home, I was treated to a bit of kid conversations. Here is how it went...

Sarah: He can say "Bubba".
Celia: No way!
Sarah: (raised voice) Yes, he can! Come on Ashton say "Bubba". (nonsense baby talk here)
Celia: No---
Ashton: Bubba. Heeheehee
Celia: No way. Say "Bubba:
Ashton: Heeheehee.
Sarah: Say "Buh-buh".
Ashton: Heeheehee
Celia and Sarah: You can do it. (add in raised baby talk voice.) Say "Bubba", "Buh-buh"
Ashton: Heeheehee, Heeheehee, heeheehee.

It's always so enlightening when you listen to two giggling young ladies as you drive them home:)

P.S. I'll add some stuff from our GA Aquarium/AL Natural History Museum as soon as I can. Daniel and I are working on putting some information/funding things together for the Romanian Orphanage our church supports. More details on that later.

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