Saturday, September 13, 2008

All You Need to Know About Cooties

Kid's say the darnedest things! That holds true for Sarah as well. I wore the shirt that she's sporting a few years ago at a volleyball game. Sarah had a smaller one, as did the other ladies who came that night. I don't know if I'll ever forget it!

We had 14 folks come out that night. Each team had six players on the field. Sarah was in the nook off to the sides keeping the remaining two occupied while they awaited rotation. Sarah was chatting up Richard. As they were talking, Richard came up with the brilliant idea to get Sarah to tell Collin he had cooties. I could hear him egging her on as I was watching the ball. I think I threatened to throttle Richard or something.

Just as I did that, I heard Sarah say quietly "Collin doesn't have cooties..." Then she upped the volume and said "... COOTIES ARE VAGINA'S." Richard's face turned red. Half my team started cracking up. It was all we could do to land the point. Once that happened I fell to the ground laughing. Those to far away to hear came over to see what the commotion was about.

In the meantime, Richard's face turned a brilliant shade of red. He stuttered something to the effect of no, no that's not what I meant. I jokingly asked him what he was teaching my daughter. I mean we were in a church of all places. Richard stammered, "What are you teaching Sarah?" The moment is forever etched in my memory.

Poor Sarah, she didn't know what all the commotion was for. She got cooties and coochie mixed up.

Being the devious person that I am, I asked Sue and Crystal if they wanted to buy some matching t-shirt that said, "Boys have Cooties." Of course they did! After they came in, we picked a night and changed. All four of us marched out to play! It was awesome. Richard tried his hardest to focus while his face turned shades of red the rest of the night.

I miss those nights...

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