Monday, August 25, 2008


Many of you know me well. But how well? Would you believe that I hired a killer last night? No. Then you would be wrong. I couldn't take it anymore. I was at my wit's end. Pray you say? I did and my friend came to mind.

You see, I was in the kitchen working and I kept hearing a strange noise. I heard the same noise a few days before but could not identify it. So there I was, happily working my heart out when I realized the noise was coming from the oven. That was odd. I pulled out the bottom drawer and discovered the perpetrator. A mouse!!!

At this point, I called Daniel out to help me hunt down this annoying invader. As I was waiting for Daniel, the little guy peeked out at me and scurried back under the stove. At this point I was annoyed. I purchased some humane mouse repellents previously. Obviously, they were worthless. Daniel and I pulled the stove out but we were unable to get the mouse. At that moment, I called for some backup.

Ted is his name. Killing small furry critters is his game. Ted came in and spent a while in the kitchen. In all actuality, he was waiting for a piece of turkey. But I knew that once he got the scent, he would be on the lookout for the mouse. It worked for a while. I even think he got in a good pounce. That was about the time the trash can was knocked over.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if he had gotten the little thing. At this point, I had no sympathy. I normally feel bad for the things he catches outside. But once they cross into my house, they are fair game for a kitty with razor sharp claws. I digress. Daniel called me this morning to let me know that he found a dead mouse in the driveway. I'm hoping that Ted caught it last night and took it out this morning when Daniel took the dog out. It's just like him to leave it somewhere noticeable. Thankfully he prefers outside.

So now you know. Not only did I call in a killer, I also feed and love on him. He's really good at his job. A month ago he took care of a little vole problem that I had in the squash patch. Good, good killer kitty!

Oh, just so you know, I thought about turning the oven on while the mouse was in it. But then I started thinking what would happen if it died in my oven and gave up on it. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me shudder!

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