Monday, August 25, 2008

It's All About Chocolate

Saturday we went to a cookout with our new bible study group. I signed up to bring a dessert knowing that I had the perfect recipe in mind. It was for an ultimate chocolate pie. But, I turned it into the ultimate chocolate cake. It had a thick brownie bottom with a layer of some chocolaty butter concoction on top of that. To top it off, I made a chocolate whipped cream to layer over it.

Sarah sat out in the kitchen licking the bowls and beaters as I put the dessert together. I finished smoothing out the whipped cream and made a comment about how I wished I had saved a chocolate piece to grate over the top. I then debated on dusting the top with cocoa. Sarah told me to go ahead. I wasn't so certain. I told her I didn't want to over do it She looked at me and said, "Mom, you CAN'T over do chocolate!" (Insert a head tilt with an exasperated eye roll and you get the picture of the look she gave me.)

It's so funny. I remember when she was little and didn't really like chocolate. We used to go to Starbucks every Sunday for breakfast before church. She always wanted chocolate milk but didn't like the real deal. So I got smart and would order her some milk. Then I would sneak over to the area where the condiments are and sprinkle just enough cocoa on the top to turn it brown. I would take it over to our seat and Sarah would drink it up! Later on I found out that her Deedee would make her chocolate milk (the real thing) and Sarah wouldn't drink much of it. Now she has no such inhibitions when it comes to chocolate.

This is just another sign that she is growing up. She already understands that a women can not overdo chocolate!

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