Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Driving a Nice Cat Batty

About three years ago, I found Noah and his sister in the parking lot at my job. Noah had a broken leg from an altercation with a car. He ended up in a cast for a few weeks. My vet told me that he would be the calmest, most well behaved cat that a person could have. His sister did not share his calm personality. She was my kind of cat. Really spunky. But, the cat was not for me. He was for Sarah.

We ended up giving Noah's sister to my best friend. It was nice to have visitation! Sarah adored Noah. Noah however was a bit scared of her. Not because she was unkind, but because she treated him like a baby doll. Thankfully, Noah took it all in stride. And, Sarah took it all for granted.

For years, we've told her not to be too rough with him or hold him when he wanted to be let go. Since Noah didn't retaliate, Sarah decided to continually ignore our instructions. That was until he got her tonight. I sent Sarah to get a bath and somehow both she and Noah ended up in the bathroom. Sometime after that, I heard Sarah crying. I ran in the bathroom and found her holding a cloth to her face with blood droplets in the sink. Apparently Noah had enough and scratched her in the face. His claws were really sharp and one got caught. Poor Sarah. I know that had to hurt like crazy.

Daniel ran for the peroxide and just held Sarah until he returned. We got her all patched up with some triple antibiotic and a band aid.

A few minutes ago, I decided I wanted a picture to post here. Sarah started making funny faces. So you can see the scratch (somewhat) and a pretty funny shot of Sarah.

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