Friday, July 11, 2008

Adoption by Homosexuals

I recently joined a site for moms in the Upstate here. It's a neat way of connecting with other moms in my area. One of the chat posts that I read on there was from a guy who was concerned about how people would view his daughter. He and his partner adopted the girl when a friend decided she could not care for the baby. It touched off a ton of comments from a wide range of beliefs. There were those who fully supported the couple, those who didn't believe that homosexuals should adopt, others who felt that disagreeing with the lifestyle of the gentleman was judgemental and a few more I'm sure.

It got me to thinking. I disagree with the gentleman's lifestyle. That's a given. But then I started to think about those who thought he should not have been able to adopt the girl. I agree with that to an extent. The part that catches me is why this girl only had this one couple in mind to adopt. I know that there could be many reasons, but the one that strikes me as most obvious is that there was not a loving christian couple in this girls life who would take the girl or who had cared enough about the mother to love her in spite of her lifestyle. Is that the homosexual couples fault? No. While they are lost in their sin (just as I was lost in my pre-marriage heterosexual relationships), they still have a desire to love this girl. They took in this child and that is a noble thing.

I guess what it boils down to is that we can sit in judgement of homosexual couples because of their desire to adopt or Christians can band together to give homes to the orphans. Some of us are already doing that, but obviously not enough. I read a statistic in SC about children in the foster care system. It said that if every "Christian couple" adopted one child, there would be no children left in the foster care system. Can you imagine what would happen if every Christian couple in the US adopted 1 child? God would be glorified that His children were caring for the orphans (as we were asked to do by HIM)! In addition to that, it would be harder for homosexual couples to adopt because right now Christians outnumber them.

I guess what's getting me is that so many like to complain about things but do little to prevent that which they find detestable. Many will give exuses about the mental state of kids in the system but I haven't found in the bible where God said for us to adopt all the normal ones! I know there are many sides to this and I do believe that kids should be placed in homes with a mom and a dad. I saw my own daughters need for a father for a long time. It was the one hole in her life that I could not fill.

Anyway, that's what I've been pondering lately.

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