Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's a Mighty Fine Summer...

This summer everyone except for Daniel (who is working hard on his master's classes and tutoring), is just hanging around. Yesterday, Sarah and I went to the library and got out about 12 books between the two of us. It'll take Sarah about a week to get through hers and mine might last two weeks. Afterwards, we went to the pool and enjoyed soaking in the sun and playing in the water. The picture is of the pool that we go to in the summer. Sarah is so brave! She goes on both of the slides with no fear and has such a good time.

Ashton also loves the water. He just splashes around. Yesterday, I was talking with a mother whose two year old swims really well. She just dunks under the water like it's the most natural thing. She told me that she started that with her daughter when she was 3 months old. I decided to try it with Ashton and met with mixed success. I was afraid to do it too much but will keep it going.

Sarah is so funny now. Yesterday she started talking about getting her base tan because she wanted to be really tan. I don't think she remembers what it's like to get a sunburn. It's been a while since she's gotten red. I told her we would slowly reduce the SPF to help her tan. Right now, we're at 30. Since when did 7 year old give a hoot about a base tan? It just cracks me up!

As for me, it's more motivation to keep moving and start dropping this baby weight. And, I would love it if my legs were not so bright!

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Alicia said...

Unfortunately, I've never been successful with the base tan!

Thanks again for lunch!