Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ode to Cleaning

Clean the house
And clean the floors.
Clean the windows
Clean the doors.

Wash the laundry,
Fold it,
Put it away,
There is always more for another day.

Make the beds,
Tidy up the rooms,
Never ending
Chores we do.

And when we're sick,
It'll still be there,
Mocking us,
When all we can do is stare!

I'm so behind on the housekeeping. Right now, I have laundry going and after I get off of here, I'll be putting a lot away. After that, I have to clean up the master bathroom and mop down all the floors. All week I've been trying to get all this stuff done, but with Ashton being sick, I've had to let it all go. Now Marci and Lauren will be here tonight and I'm scrambling in between his naps and my spaciness (thank you allergies).

The good thing about friends is that they don't care. Marci will come in and not notice anything amiss and we'll have a great time. Well, that's as long as I let up on myself.

Happy Sunday folks!


dennisanddanielle said...

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBBBBBYYYYYYYYYY! You have no idea how GLAD I am to have found a way to get in touch with you guys. We visit the Harver's blog often, and I saw you family blog in it. We have asked GCBC if they had your email, trying to get in touch and seeing how you guys were doing. I'm SOOOO glad about baby #2.
We had an addition to our family. If you could send me your email, I can send you an invite ( our blog is private). Oh man, this made my day. Hope you guys are doing well. We've missed you, and have so many times thought of you guys, and wished you were well.
Danielle, Dennis & Natalie

Debra G. said...

Danielle - I'm so excited to get this from you. My email is I'd send it to you, but I don't have your email anymore. I can't wait to chat with you! Deb