Sunday, April 6, 2008

What's up?

Well, I've fixed our home computer. The DC power jack was bad. It came in last night and was a bear to replace. That's mainly because the old one was fried and didn't want to disconnect from the port. So, I'll be posting regularly again.

In other news, both Ashton and I are under the weather. Ashton was still having fevers, so Daniel and I went into the doctors again! This time he has an ear infection and conjunctivitis. Poor thing! He doesn't respond quickly to antibiotics, so he's still on the miserable side. In addition, he's got pretty bad allergies. The good thing is that he's now old enough for Zyrtec. Woohoo!!! Last night, he went back to sleep quickly after waking up for feedings, so I hope that it means that he's on the mend.

As for me, I am working through my first allergy attack of the year without the good drugs. I can't take anything that would clear me up until I stop breastfeeding. Since I've got another 6 months to go, I will be sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose on a regular basis. But, Ashton is worth it. I did read online that I may be able to take Nasacort without affecting my milk supply or Ashton. Once Daniel and I hook up with a doctors office, I'll see what they think. I miss my Nasacort more than I miss the AllegraD.... Anyway, the worst of the attack is over for now.

Now for the exciting stuff! My best friend Marci and her daughter (which is Sarah's best friend) are headed down as I type for a visit. We are so happy that they can make it down! The girls haven't seen each other since Christmas. They'll be here until Thursday morning.

At the end of this week, Daniel, the kids and I are going to Columbia SC. We're going to visit the zoo and the EdVenture Children's museum. It'll be the first time that Sarah and I have visited the capital of SC. Friday evening and Saturday, Daniel will be with his athletes at the Taco Bell Track Invitational. All in all, our spring break promises to be great fun!

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