Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Fast Lane

Yesterday, I did the round trip of Greenville, SC to Burlington, NC and back. It's about 45o miles total. I love having cruise control! I try to use it the majority of the way. Regardless of the speed limit, I set it for 3-4 miles above posted. It makes the trip a little faster.

Well, I was about an hour from home, maybe less when the limit went up to 70. I love the stretches of 70mph. There are not enough of them. Anyway, I get in the middle lane and pop the cruise on 74. For a little while I was contentedly moving. I come up on these folks going 65ish in the middle lane. I look to the left to pass and low and behold there are more of them in the fast lane. After 15 minutes of trying to pass, I finally make it over to the slow lane and resume my cruising speed. I passed a ton of people who were in the "faster" lanes. What gives? All those folks that I drove by will go 70-75 in the 60mph sections. It drives me nuts!

Other than that little bit of nonsense, the trip went great. Sarah was excited to see her Dede and little brother. Ashton was quiet most of the way. And, my favorite, no traffic jams!

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