Saturday, March 22, 2008

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns was at the Bilo Center in Greenville last night. Daniel and I had the great pleasure of going! It was such an awesome concert. I don't even know where to start. They played off of the new album and the old.

I think one of my favorite parts was when they played "The Voice of Truth" As Mark Hall was singing, an artist in the background started writing words on a black canvas. As the song goes on, he draws the outline of a man and a set of outstretched arms on either side. Then the artist pick up paint with his hands and seemingly destroys the image. I couldn't take my eyes away from the art.

The artist continues dipping his hands in paint and brushing them on the canvas. After a few minutes, there seems to be a purpose to this and then he goes on to another color. With each new addition, I'm either dismayed or impressed. It went back and forth the entire time until at the end there is this amazing picture of a broken and bloodied man holding up a book with two bloodied outstretched hands beside him.

Watching that art image go up and living through my human reactions demonstrated the problems that I've suffered with in my faith. Life throw something at me and I see the globs of paint rolling down the canvas and ruining my image of what it should be. I'm dismayed and distraught. Aggravation, disunity and lack of faith seep in. The God pulls out another color and with the stroke of his hands, the image changes and my vision clears. I see some of the picture he's making.

What really hit me is that I need to keep in mind the big picture, the finished product. God has a plan and if I continue to keep my eyes on Him, then all will be okay. My trouble starts when I just look as some of the layers on the canvas. I stop seeing Him and all that He's doing.

It hit me so hard that if Daniel and I had an extra $500 laying around, I would have purchased that canvas right then and there. My big hope right now is that I can hold on to those feelings and that insight. That my eyes see my Makers hands daily and not get caught up in the layers of life.

Don't get caught stuck in some little portion of the overall picture and refuse to continue being shaped into who God wants you to be.

Happy Easter

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