Saturday, March 15, 2008

The New Addition

No, we've not added extra square footage on the house. No, we've increased the size of our household through adoption. Not the kind that gives you a walking talking kid. No, more like the kind that gives you a pooping, peeing, cute little puppy that adds on to your daily tasks. That's right. We don't have enough going on, so we decided to get a puppy.

Actually, the puppy is Daniels birthday present. He's been dying to get one for a year now. I've held off for a while but in the end it was really important to him. (I know that sounds pouty but it's not meant that way... yet. I'll reserve the right to whine and pout when housebreaking goes awry.) Sometimes we have to make concessions. And now we have a cute black ball of a dog. He's a golden retriever/lab mix. Both were purebred.

Tonight is is first night with us. Earlier, Ashton was in his Johnny Jumper and the puppy was trying to catch his feet. It was so cute. Sarah is working on his "training". She's convinced that he needs timeouts already. And my DH is extremely happy. I guess all the additional poop and pee may be worth it. We'll see...

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teresa said...

Ok... someone should have told me in order to comment you had to have a username and all that AND that if you make a messsage first and THEN do all that you loose your messsage! Ah frustrations. :O)
Anyway as I wrote before.... I finally got here to check out your site and it is really nice. It is the kind of thing that is good to sit down with a hot cup of coffee, relax and read (that is if the kids aren't going nuts and the animals will leave you alone :O))
Ashton is adorable and though Sarah's picture is dark I know she's beautiful. :O)
Hey put some pics up of the house. I haven't seen it yet. I hope to be able to get down there soon but until then.
Welp better got off here and be useful. :O) love ya to you later.