Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I think it's time to post some pictures on this Fabulous Friday! These are from Memorial Day.  I wish I had been a little more diligent about capturing everyone, but sometimes I forget to grab the camera and go!

The cake did not take the 2 1/2 hour drive very well. 

We all love the mountain streams.  Especially since it was HOT!

Cousin Emma makes some funny faces!

Andrew's Geyser

She cracks me up with her funny faces!

And her Dad is going to love me for this one.

See ya!

Ahh! The water is cold!

Little blue butterflies entertained the kids for a good while.

They loved sitting on Ashton...

...and it made Brenna green with envy!

See that little butterfly on his shoulder!

Emma and Brenna

The landlubbers!


At Andrews Geyser with the gang.  My dad graciously took this picture for us.  We have one of him in the group on anther camera but have to figure out where that is!

Daniel and I. It was a hot day and I think the both of us were worn out when our amazing 11 year old snapped this picture.

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