Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello Roller Coaster

Wow, what a week. School has let out and having the kids home all has totally changed the dynamic of the house.  You would not think having one extra kid home would change things, but it does. Add to that planning for a vacation and you have a recipe for non-stop action.

While all that has been going on, I've been a bit worried about my mother-in-law.  I've mentioned before that she has ovarian cancer. She's such a fighter and has been enduring chemo treatments for years to keep it in from taking over.  We found out that the new chemo has not been keeping her cancer marker numbers down. Those numbers were pretty high as of her last test.  It takes your breath away when you hear something like that about someone you love so much.  Right now we are waiting to hear if there are any more chemo treatments for her to try or if the current one is doing anything to halt the onslaught of this disease. It's a hard road that she faces.  And we all want her here for years to come.

As I write this, she's in the emergency room.  We all fear hearing that the cancer is slowly taking over. I can't even type it without crying. Grammy means so much to so many people.  She's an amazing wife and mother.  Shes a good friend and the best grandmother my children could have.  It kills me to even think that there will be a day that she will not be a phone call away. And yet it is something we live with when tests or illness' smack us in the face.

I hate this for her but trust that God has a plan even in these hard times.  That is right.  God knows why this is going on and will carry us all through it.  In the meantime, please pray for healing.  Pray that the doctors find new treatments. Pray for peace for all of us as we go through this together.

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