Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Still Here

I hope to be doing some update posts soon!  We've been busy with illness' and a crazy life lately!  I do promise to start posting more pictures.  Here is a quick list of what's new:
  • Daniel is co-directing a play at Pickens High School
  • Sarah made straight A's on her report card!
  • Ashton has really gotten into learning lately. He loves his schoolwork!
  • Brenna is our little diva and a great big sister! 
  • Ian was diagnosed with FPIES allergies and we will be narrowing down what that means over the next weeks.  He also slept through the night the other day. I love that kid!
  • As for me, the Cottage Food Law is moving! It's going to the Senate floor next Tuesday.  I'll be testifying for a house sub-committee next week! That little petition I started a while back is close to having 1000 signatures.  I'm humbled by the support for our proposed new law!
There are more things that have been happening but that will come later.  For now, I hope you enjoy Ian's little sleeping picture.  He was so cute laying there holding his foot! Please ignore the fact that he's covered in food. He takes after Brenna when eating!

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