Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 is Here!

The new year has started off and I don't even know what to say about it.  Right after Christmas, my mother's condition worsened and she was admitted to the hospital in Key West, Florida.  She's had colon cancer for the past few years and it stopped responding to treatment in October. The relationship that I have with my family is strained at best.  I've talked with my mom a good bit over the past few years and found out about her condition by chance. My aunt and cousins came from Virginia to do the 16+ hour ride to Florida for our final visit with her. My aunt said that mom lit up when I came in the room.  I'm just glad I got to see her before the end.  Her mind is still working great, it's only her body that's not keeping up with her.  One of these days I'm going to write what I remember of our family story. 

My cousins and I decided to piece together all that we knew to see how things got to be so dysfunctional. It was eye opening and helped me to understand some stuff that I still questioned. I love seeing how we've all made a commitment to be different from how we were raised and to raise our kids in a different manner. 

On another note, the SC Cottage Food Law is still in the Medical Affairs Committee.  My friend in Edgefield is meeting with Senator Shane Massey to discuss what's going on.  I was going to go, but Ashton, Brenna and Ian are sick with some kind of head cold/fever combo.  I sent her my questions for the senator and I can't wait to hear about her meeting.

Sarah is doing great this year. Her violin playing is going well and I'm exited at how it has progressed.  Daniel and I are talking about looking into a private tutor at some point.  If possible, I think having one over the summer would help move her forward more.  She's doing great in school and loves being part of a few clubs.  She's smart and witty and hormonal.  I think that says it all! Ha!

Daniel is looking forward to the new year as well.  He's going to help direct a play at Pickens High this year.  Yes, I know he teaches in Easley, but he has a drama background and this may lead to a new opportunity career wise.  He's so gifted in teaching and I love seeing how he uses it to help another generation learn and grow.  I'm also very impressed with the new bed that he and a friend built Sarah.  We've wanted her in a loft bed for some time, but the expense has been more than we could afford.  After looking at some plans, we decided that we could build one and not pay a fortune!  After a little nudging, Daniel got together with a friend and in a day they had the thing cut and put together. I'm going to be painting it soon!  Sarah is excited to finally have her own bed and I'm glad to see one of them up!

This year we are looking forward to a lot of new things going on.  We're planning a trip to Williamsburg in the summer.  Ashton is already planning his next birthday.  Brenna may need her first root canal.  Okay, I'm not really looking forward to that but I thought I'd throw it in.  My baby boy will turn one!  We'll hopefully get to go to the beach and so much more will go on that we haven't even planned yet.  Oh, I almost forgot - I'm going to run a 5k (Lord willing)!  No matter what happens, it's going to be an exciting year for our family and I'm looking forward to it.

God Bless!

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