Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Brenna!!

Wow! She's two.  It's hard to believe our tiny little girl is another year older!  My sister-in-law and I decided to do Brenna and Emma's (my niece) party together on Friday. But we had to push it out 'til next week.  Because of that, I had a partially finished cake (that was to be part of the larger cake) sitting on the dining room table.  I decided to finish that cake and do an at home party for Brenna.  It also gave me a trial run for the party cake!  Here's  few pictures of the little Miss!
My first Pillow cake.  I think it turned out pretty well!
Brenna loved it!  I also love their expressions in this pictures.  It's as though Ashton can't believe the cake is for Brenna and she's surprised it's hers.  After I grabbed this shot, Brenna leaned over and licked the cake. Thankfully it was hers to begin with!
The tiara was fun to make. I have another one made out of gum paste.  I broke a piece of of it and had to make a few last minute changes, but it still turned out cute!
The tiara is made out of royal icing and painted with edible metallic silver paint.  I sawed off the right portion of the tiara and stabilized the heart on top with a little more royal icing.
As you can see, she loved her cake! 
 And blowing out her two candles!
 I love how her little tongue always sticks out when she's accomplishing something. Daniel tells me that her great grandfather used to do the same thing when he was working!
She didn't wait to get a fork!
This is her new table set.  She's fascinated with the horse and the box!
 Mmm, cake!
 Sissy helping with her next present.
She loved her own personal TV radio and table set!

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