Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Potty Training Time

It's time for another round of potty training.  Brenna will be two next month and she's been telling us when she's pooped or needs to potty for two months.  We delayed it because of Ian's impending arrival and the trip to Illinois. Everyone says that boys are harder than girls to train. I hope they are correct. When I trained Ashton and Noah it was not that bad, so this should be a breeze!  Well, a mom can dream...

We told Ashton that Brenna was going to start potty training.  He's convinced that she is to small to start.  He even volunteered to start changing her diapers for us!  I think he doesn't like the idea of Brenna being "big".  That's his roll and he's not ready to share it.

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