Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brenna - The Potty Trained Princess

I was very concerned that Brenna would not decide that she wanted to go along with the potty training program.  Somehow, she inherited  a good deal of stubbornness.  (I wonder where that came from!)  But on Saturday (Day 3) we had a few good success'. She kept coming up to me when she needed to go "#2" to ask for a "diap" (her word for diaper).  It was extremely helpful. 

Daniel and I decided to keep her home Sunday so that we could be sure that there would not be a setback.  She only had one accident all day.  Then on Monday she only had one accident as well.  She's also sleeping through the night dry. There was only one night where woke up wet.  It was 5 a.m. and she started to go and caught herself.  She woke up screaming and finished up on the potty.  Since then she's been dry each night. 

On Tuesday, she hurt her elbow and we needed to go to the doctor.  While we out, she did not have an accident.  She even used the  bathroom at Lowe's.  This is a big deal for us because her brother had serious issue using other toilets.  But since she's decided that she's going to go potty, it's not been an issue.

I started out wondering if she would be easier to train than her brother.  In the end, she was.  We still have to make sure she goes to the potty on a regular basis as she is still rarely asks to go potty herself.  But as long as we keep on top of it and watch for her cues, she will continue to be successful and we will only have to get diapers for one little one!

Potty training can be tough, but there are things you can do to make it go smoothly (check out my previous posts).  With Brenna, I had to modify things a little from how I did it with Ashton and Noah.  Brenna will turn 2 next month and I can proudly boast that she's out of diapers!

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