Friday, April 1, 2011

Walgreens - 63% Savings

I don't normally shop at Walgreen's.  I tend to stick to CVS alone because I can only shop at so many stores in a week and I rarely have good experiences there.  Last night was no exception!  But Walgreen's had Aveeno products on sale and I love their lotions!  On top of that, Sarah and I are sensitive to most body washes and I wanted to see if we could use the Aveeno brands.

Total Before Savings - $59.95
Final Cost - $22.14
Amount Saved - $37.81

As for my shopping experience, I don't like Walgreen's because their sales are not clearly marked and their associates do not know much of anything about how the register rewards and sales work.  I had questions about the Aveeno sale and the concurrent 25% off sale and could not get a coherent answer on any of it. Maybe it's just the ones in my area.  I don't know. If it were not for the Aveeno sale, I would not have bothered going in. 

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