Wednesday, March 9, 2011

27 Weeks and 4 Days - The Ups and Downs

I was going to post a new veggie picture, but the site says that month six incorporates up to 28 weeks.  I used it last time because Baby G measured in at the weight on the photo. He's going to be a big guy.  And that leads me to the "downer" part of pregnancy - weight gain.  Normally I don't really care about the weight gain.  However, I was religiously going to the gym before this little guy was concieved and working to lose my "Brenna and Ashton" weight. Therefore, I'm not looking to gain a ton this go around.  Losing weight is a lot harder after you turn 30 and after you've had 3 kids. 

Back to the downer part of it all.  I've been doing very well with the weight gain.  The ulcer that tormented me at the beginning of this pregnancy went a long way to making certain that I didn't gain any weight for the first 5 months.  Since I possess a little extra padding, this was not a big deal!  No pun intended!  But last week I went to the doctort.  You know those montly visits where you pee in a cup and then get weighed before seeing the doctor and hearing the heart beat and being sent home.

Well, I tinkled in the cup and then went to step on the scale.  And according to the nurse, I gained 10 pounds over the course of the month!  Now I would not have cared, but her reaction caught me totally off gaurd. Here is how it went -

Nurse:  Did I read that right?
Me: Yes, you did.
Nurse: Oh my, did you know you gained 10 pounds?!
Me: Uh, no.  According to my scale, I'm up about 5ish.  (I'm slightly anal about weighing myself.)
Nurse:  This can't be right.  Ten pounds, that's a lot for one month.
Me: Okay.
Nurse:  Can you confirm your name.  I want to make sure I have the right chart.
Me:  (I'm in a bit of shock over how big of a deal this is to her.)   Sure.
Nurse:  Well, is this your birthdate?
Me: (I'm starting to think the doctor is going to lecture the heck out of me now.) That's when I was born.)
Nurse:  Well, I guess that's all. Ten pounds.  Go on and get seated and they will come get you in a few minutes.

A few minutes later, the doctors nurse comes and pulls me back to the exam room.  She does her thing and then leaves me there.  I'm still not sure how to take the whole nice version of the "Your Getting Fat" conversation that I just went through with the nurse.  The doctor comes in and this is how our conversation went.

Doctor: Hey, how are you doing?
Me: Nothing much to complain about.
Doctor:  Well, your hemoglobin was good, the urine test looks great, your BP is awesome and your weight looks good.
Me: (As I pick my mouth of from shock,)  Great!

That's right, the doctor didn't think much about the weight thing at all!  Why?  Well, I've technically only gained 12 pounds for the entire pregnancy!  I still can't believe the nurse made such a big deal out of it. In the end though, I thought it was really funny.

Now to the ups of pregnancy.  When I brought my current maternity pants, I thought I was getting the size that I wore when I was pregnant with Brenna.  I did not. I picked up a smaller pair and didn't realize it until after I had wore them for a month.  Since I had never purchased this brand before, I thought it was just one of those sizing flukes.  Not so my friends!  I purchased another pair of pants from Kohl's and got them in the size that I thought they should be.  Guess what?  Those bad boys are way to big for me! Ha! Eat that nurse lady!  Just kidding.  But any small weight victory while pregnant makes the day a good day.  Especially since Baby G is poking out front and looking like he's due next month, instead of in June!

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