Monday, January 3, 2011

Tonsil and Adenoid Removal Recovery Part 2

Goodness. Yesterday was tough.  It was by far the roughest day we've had so far.  Ashton refused to take his prescription pain killer.  I'll back up and say that stuff does mean things to a kids stomach.  We rang out 2010 with me getting thrown up on and Daniel rang in 2011 getting thrown up on.  It was a wild night.  Poor guy.  That stuff is strong and when you can't eat it doesn't help much at all. 

Let me go on a tangent for a moment.  I have been thrown up on a lot more than I care to remember.  I've dealt with enough vomit, that I have a mental block on some memories. But this time, I think this time was worse than all the others. Being a veteran of many bouts of stomach flu with my oldest, I can say that I have a pretty strong stomach.  But when Ashton got me the other night, I almost lost it.  For some reason, my sense of smell is even stronger than it was with the other pregnancies and the hormones were surging or something because it took me most of the night to get over my queasiness. I can only imagine how bad Ashton felt.

Any who, the last time he was prescribed Lortab, the doctor gave us some benedryl mixed with an antacid medicine.  We decided to lower the dose of Lortab and add in a half dose of the benedryl cocktail. That seemed to help matters.  But yesterday he refused to take any prescription medicine.  I had to force what little bit I could get him to take.  It was awful. I finally resorted to Tylenol, but it did nothing to drive out the rest of his pain. I read online that scabs form on the back of the throat after surgery and when they peel off, it's almost worse than in the beginning. I have a feeling that we are arriving at that moment a day earlier than I had figured. 

That said, my next tip for parents dealing with this would be to get a prescription nausea medicine for your kids before you leave the hospital.  I don't know why it's not part of the protocol. This medicine is strong stuff and Ashton is barely eating anything worthwhile to help combat the damage it's doing to his tiny, little stomach.  I don't blame him for fighting the medicine but it made for a trying day.  Not to mention that Lortab makes kids a bit on the aggressive side.

As if that were not enough, Daniel was out for the day picking Sarah up from her Virginia visit.  So I had Brenna and Ashton all to myself.  And with Ashton refusing medicine, it made for a tiring day. Thankfully when Daniel returned, he was able to coax Ashton into taking his medicine and once it kicked in he came back to life.  It was a great blessing. 

All in all, I feel very blessed with how well Ashton is healing. It's still tough, but we should be towards the end of the worst of the recovery time. Over the next week or two, I'll be working to fatten him up again!  He's getting so skinny from not eating.  As for me, I just got him a dose of medicine for the night and am going to turn in.  Six o'clock comes early for this tired, pregnant woman.

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