Friday, December 31, 2010

Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy Recovery

Today has been much better than I ever expected. Daniel and I took turns last night with Ashton.  I had the first shift and traded off.  We found it best to have him sleep on the couch. The surgery caused him to have a hard time swallowing, so the phlegm just built up in his throat.  The poor guy slept fitfully, but managed to rest most of the night.  By this morning, he looked more "normal".  He's still having a hard time talking. 

As far as the pain goes, the Lortab has kept it under control. Per some thing I read online, we've decided to religiously give it to him every four hours for the next few days. We even set the alarm clock and get up through the night.  For those of you who have to get this for your kids at some point, ask the pharmacist to flavor the medicine.  It does not come that way and according to my little guy, it's insanely gross.  We just picked up a fresh bottle and had it grape flavored.  Just be aware that you should not let the pharmacist use anything with red-dye in it per the doctors instructions.  (We just tried the grape medicine and he took it very well!)

We've had Ashton drink a lot of water and juice today. It's helped to keep his throat wet which made him more comfortable.  He's stayed drugged but as comfortable as possible.  He even managed to spend 15-20 minutes playing with his new Playdoh toy.  He still has not eaten anything although we know that can be normal.  Now that night has fallen, he's starting to get more tired and is feeling a bit rough.  Nothing serious, but you can just tell he's not doing so hot. 

For all those who have been praying for him, we thank you.  And for those who have kids that will go through the surgery, I only have three things to suggest - Flavor the Lortab, give the medicine every 4 hours day and night at the full dose (at least for the first few days) and finally make your child drink as much fluid as you can get in them.  The last one is key. The more hydrated your child is, the better they will feel and the faster they will heal. 

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