Monday, September 27, 2010

My Little Man Turned 3

My goodness, time flies.  Three years ago today, I was still struggling to get through the haze caused by the copious amounts of drugs that had been pumped into my system the day before.  I went in to get induced for labor and within minutes my little man was flat-lining on the monitors.  We were going to do an emergency c-section.  I was wheeled into the OR with tears streaming down my face.  It was a very scary time.  By the time the anesthesiologist was ready to start and epidural, Ashton's heart beat was lost for even longer than the previous time.  The doctor told them to knock me out and that was that.  My little man entered the world with strangers.  They were wheeling him to the NICU when hid daddy made them stop for a minute so that he could see our little man for the first time.  And by the time they reached the NICU, Daniel's prayers were answered and Ashton no longer needed their services.

And that is my little walk down memory lane!  This past week was crazy.  I had good intentions of getting the cake ready on Thursday for Ashton's party on Friday.  But then Brenna got sick and messed everything up - just kidding!  The poor girl got a virus that turned into an ear infection.  It was rough on us all.

But back to the cake.  I love making these cakes for the kids.  I sat down with Ashton to weeks ago to look online for cake ideas.  He thought it was the coolest thing. to do!  We poured over 40 or so different cakes until he chose this one...
Ambitious?  Yup.  Then again, I'm starting to get pretty good at working with fondant.  Each cake has steadily improved and become the new "best cake" yet.

Here is my version...
 And here is my little man.  Can you tell that he loved his cake?  And that Woody outfit - well, he loved it! 
 The toys on the cake are real toys and part of Ashton's birthday present.  The entire time I was putting the cake together, he would come up and ask, "Is it time to put Woody on the cake?"  He's so sweet!
 The bottom layer of cake is chocolate.  I pulled the recipe from All Recipes.  I made a carmel filling to go in between and it was to delicious!  I'll try to find the the links later for both recipes.  The cake is covered in fondant.  The wood planks are made of gum paste.  I used a knife to etch the wood pattern in each one. 
 I purchased a tappit set from Micheal's to make the letters.  The "B" was the worst one to make.  I rolled out fondant for the background and cut it to look similar to the Toy Story borders.

The blue cake was carrot cake with a cream cheese filling.  I pulled the carrot cake from The Pioneer Woman. I made the cream cheese filling by mixing one box of cream cheese with a stick of real butter, a pinch of salt and enough powdered sugar to give it a thick consistency.  The cake was covered in fondant.

The meteor on top was made using Rice Krispy treats and covered in fondant.  I then added bronze, silver and white pearl dust to add a rock-like texture.


We were blessed to have our friends and family over as well.  It was a great day overall.


Wilson Family said...

Debra, that cake is amazing! You are making for your kids wonderful memories! You go mom! I am proud of you!

Debra G. said...

Thanks Robin! I love how much fun they all have with their cakes. I'll be doing a Topsy Turvy one for Sarah next month.

AH said...

My mom sent me the link to your blog and I am just now getting around to checking it out! The cakes you make are amazing! I loved the one you made for Brenna??(I am sorry I can't remember her name but, I think that's right!=)! This one for Ashton is amazing! You really are very talented! I could imagine that but never be able to do it! =)

Debra G. said...

Thanks! It's taken a while, but I'm getting better with each one! And it helps to satisfy my artistic side.