Thursday, September 16, 2010

It Almost Killed Me...

...but I ran half of a mile today. I came close to having an exercise induced asthma attack.  I haven't had one of those since I gave up running! Since I'm familiar with the drill, I stopped before it kept going.  But with research I've found that there is a good chance that I can train my lungs to move past that!  Feel free to pray that that day comes soon for me! 

I've posted this before, and will say it again, I'm out of shape.  No, I'm not being negative. I just  like to face reality.  And right now I'm overweight and out of shape.  In order to deal with it, I've been patronizing the gym 4-5 days a week since Sarah has returned to school.  Sadly I'm not seeing a huge reduction in the weight department yet.  I think that may be because of my focus on weight training (let's not get into me not changing my diet yet).  And that my friends has been paying off. I love feeling stronger!  And I enjoy seeing the start of definition in my back and arms.  And to be able to do 90-100 weighted crunches - well that's empowering. (Especially after having three babies cut from my abdomen!)

Well, that's all for tonight folks.  I have a date with the gym in the morning.  I'm back to weights with a little bit of stair master thrown in.  I may also try out the line dancing class.  I did Zumba the other day and it was a ton of fun.  It surprised me to know that I got a decent workout with it! 

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