Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Evenings in Greenville

Sometimes I need to get out of Liberty. And when that happens in the summer, we grab some fried chicken at Church's and head to Falls Park. 
These falls are amazing.  The entire park reminds me of a little of Maymont (in Virginia).  It's well manicured, with wonderful grassy areas.  I fell in love with it when we moved here.  It reminded me of home.

And there is this bridge. It's an amazing piece of engineering. The poles are tilted and the suspension alone supports the bridge. As you walk across, you peer over the Reedy River and the falls.
And this is all about the kids. Just a bit beyond the park is a river walk. And right under The Lazy Goat (a restaurant that I want to eat at one day), is the cutest little train water play area. The kids live for this! We bring them in their suits in anticipation of this time.
He loves it when she sneaks up on him!  Daniel even managed to get over his fear of water (just kidding) and hug Sarah until she was standing under the waterfall in the back.  She said it was cold.  Who would have thought that?  Hmmm.

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