Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Of Those Days...

Today is "One of those days."  It all started off innocently enough.  Brenna got up to eat at 5:45 a.m. and then Ashton came into our room at 6 to cuddle.  He was still feeling pretty bad.  We got up and I came out to prep breakfast.  Sarah was running slow.  That rarely changes.  I had to push her to get out of the house.  Noah came over and Brenna woke up. It was time for breakfast.  We ate and then the kids went to play while I worked on the laundry. 

All of that seems normal until I add this...
  • Ted pooped in the tub.  He usually goes to the toilet but unnamed kids had clogged it and didn't mention it. I clean the tub and fix the toilet.
  • Noah goes potty and fills the tub with an entire roll of toilet paper.  It's clogged and then he calls me in to wipe his tush.  I am not joking here.  
  • The new dog did not pee for Sarah this morning.  I went to put the leash on her to try again and she peed all over the floor.  I love dogs... Really, I do.  This is not sarcasm talking.
  • Ashton is sick.  The doctors office did not return my call last night. Today they did.  We'll pay $80 because he has a random virus that presents like a potential kidney infection.
  • I almost burnt the house down.  Well, really it wasn't that close. I sat a dirty pot on the oven before heading out.  The pot hit the knob and turned the burner on.  The pan had to be smoking on high for over an hour.  My house now stinks and I need some Brillo pads to clean the blasted thing out.  Thank you Lord for watching out for us.
  • After everyone is settled I go to take the dog out again.  We go out.  She doesn't tinkle.  I put her in her crate, planning to get her in 15 minutes for another try.  As I go to shut the door to the house, she busts out of the crate (I didn't get the door shut properly) and comes in the house running like a mad dog.  I call her over to me and she flops to her back and starts peeing all over Brenna's floor blankets.  I just love having to clean the floor and more laundry. It does something for me.  
Now I have to stop. Brenna is starting scream for attention and I am thinking tomorrow will be a better day!  Maybe even a bit dull.  Or it could be sunny out and I can get the kids out of the house for a while.  There is always something to look forward to, even on one of those days!

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