Friday, January 8, 2010


Do you see these suckers?  If I had the right software, I'd photshop my head onto one of them.  You see, over Thanksgiving, I turned into a sucker.  A certifiable sucker. 

It all happened innocently enough. We were in NC having lunch with the family.  Afterwards, I wanted to walk off some of the goodies.  We grabbed the kids and some of the adults and headed up the street for a stroll.  At the end of the street there is a golf course.  As we were turning to go, two cute beagle mixes came down to meet us.  One of the poor dears was in terrible shape. The other looked pretty good.  We petted and played with the dogs and turned to go.  They started following us home. And becuase one was in poor shape, we decided to encourage them to come so we could feed them.  By the time we were back at the house, the one that was in poor shape had disappeared.  The second one came and we fed her. 

By that night, the little black one was still outside and we needed to make the 2 and half hour hike home.  Being the SUCKER that I am, decided that I could not leave her there knowing that it was was going to hit below freezing that night. We spent 30-45 minutes trying to find out if she belonged to anyone and left our number with a neighbor and brought her home. That's right folks.  I now have two dogs living at my house.  Feel free to pray for me.

To our surprise, she's a great dog.  Other than having to train her to do her business out doors, she is awesome.  She lets the kids harass her.  She plays with our big beast of dog, Sirius.  She even does well with the cats.  And walking on a leash - well, she's better than our dog at that.  She doesn't pull and will stay beside you.  It's amazing that she is so well behaved. 

After much discussion and a good amount of veto's, we chose to call her Rosie.  There is still a good deal of discussion over her housing arrangements. She may stay our dog or we may find her a new home.  As stated previously, I'm a sucker. 

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Kevin and Michele said...

Oh, you have to keep her, what a sweet dog!