Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

When you have kids, there never seems to be a dull moment. Brenna turned 3 weeks old on Monday. Then on Tuesday we were admitting her to the hospital. She kept Daniel and I up most of Monday night. The poor thing was miserable and started getting a fever. By noon on Tuesday she was up over 100 degrees. I set up an appointment for later that evening. About 2 hours before we were set to go, Brenna started getting a rash all over her abdomen.

We arrived for our appointment at 2:40 p.m. Brenna was just moaning and groaning. She barely had anything to eat all day and was lethargic. The doctor came in and examined her. By then the rash had filled in and Brenna's abdomen was bright red. She had anther doctor come in and check her over as well. That is never reassuring! She told me that since Brenna was so young, they would have to admit her to the hospital to determine the cause of the fever and rule out a lot of the bad illnesses that children are catching. Then she told me that Brenna, my little 7 pound bundle of joy, would need to get a spinal tap. I almost lost it then. But since I was there alone, I didn't have that luxury.

After the doctor left to get orders for the hospital, I called Daniel and asked him to head over to the doctors office as soon as he could. It was his first day back at school with students and he needed to get coverage for the last 10 minutes of his class. About 20 minutes after he arrived, the doctor came back in with hospital admittance information and we were on our way to Anderson.

Today we received good news about Brenna's test results. All of the cultures have come back negative for illness. This includes blood tests, spinal tap tests, and urine cultures. They ruled out the flu and RSV when we came in Tuesday evening.

Now we are just sitting here waiting for her fever to stop spiking. She made it about 6 hours today without spiking a fever. Lord willing, that means she's on the mend and we can go home tomorrow. Daniel and I have been so blessed with prayers from our friends and loved ones. In addition to that, Daniel's parents have been wonderful. His mom was at the house on Tuesday, helping me to get caught up on cleaning and giving me an opportunity to get a much needed nap. She then ended up watching the kids and the little boy that I babysit while I took Brenna onto the doctor. Upon hearing about the hospital admittance, she packed up the kids to come home with her. Then while we've been here with Brenna, Daniel's parents and his brother-in-law have taken care of the animals, the yard work and helping Sarah stay caught up on her school work. We are truly blessed to have such a caring family. In addition to that, I'm so proud of Sarah for working so hard on getting her school work completed and for being such a great big sister to Ashton.

Well, I'm going to finish this up for now. My brain is fried. The introvert in me is a bit overwhelmed and some down time is seriously needed. But that will have to wait for a while!

Thanks again for all the prayers and support.

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Kevin and Michele said...

Hang in there! We're thinking about you guys and praying for Brenna's quick recovery.
Kevin and Michele and Levi.