Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Season 8

Hooray, it's back! I love this show! However, I'm a little disappointed right now. The one mile beach race kind of ticked me off. These folks are in horrible shape and you get them to race on a beach in the sun? It's no wonder that Tracey passed out. And then the worst part came. Bob and Jillian are working together. I don't like that!!! I love watching Jillian kick butt! Bob is just too nice for my tastes!

Now onto the contests. I really hope that Shay get's a better attitude. I don't like quitters and her partner, Daniel, needs someone who will not quit.

At the moment, my favorite is the youth pastor! He reminds me of the stereotypical Southern Baptist (me included) and I want to see him kick butt! But I also love Abby. Her attitude in the face of losing her family has touched my heart. I almost cried as she talked about losing her husband, daughter and 9 month old. I only hope that if I were faced with those challenges, that I would have her outlook.

Now, my favorites will most likely change over the next few months, but who cares! I'm just happy to be watching the show again!

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