Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Training - Week 2

This weekend was a real setback. On Friday we had to run around and get stuff ready for Daniel to leave. Then on Saturday we were covered in birthday parties. Then yesterday was church, sending Daniel off to Romania and bible study that evening. I just gave up! I was too tired to do anything. The same thing happened to the family of the little boy I baby sit. So now we are both back to square 1!

Now this morning, both boys are fighting going potty like crazy. It took 1 hour to get Noah to go. Ashton is still clinching up and refusing to tinkle. I know he has to go. Mom's just know. Plus he's had two cups full of stuff to drink in addition to some water. Ashton really needs this because diapers are starting to cause him to break out like crazy. It doesn't help that he's cutting teeth. The minute he started wearing multiple diapers in a row this weekend, his rash came back full force. Last night, as I was changing his diaper Ashton kept screaming for his potty. It's time for diapers to go.

Lord willing, this week we'll be able to stick more closely with the plan. I know it's connecting with Ashton. Now it's just a willfulness thing.

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